Surebonder Pro100 Glue Gun

Surebonder Pro100 Glue Gun
Item# SBTPRO100

Product Description

Surebonder Pro100 Specialty Industrial Cartridge Glue Gun

A unique glue gun with the capability of using special hot melt adhesives such as pressure sensitive and fugitive (removable) glues that cannot be made into sticks. These glues are normally extruded using bulk applicators and using the Pro100 will save time and money on jobs too small for these applicators. This system allows you to dispense your own “credit card” removable adhesive, in any size or shape needed. (Also available in permanent bonding formulation). The gun has adjustable temperature settings for high or low temperature applications. Ball check nozzle in the aluminum tube prevents dripping. Three formulas available and may be custom filled with your choice of adhesive.


Surebonder AT-10154 Dot Glue Cartridge
AT-10154 Adhesive Specifications Temporary hold “Credit Card Glue”, “Peel-able”. Great for hanging posters/paper and repositionable when changes are necessary. Ideal for gift baskets and other multiple packaging as well as magazine, brochure and letter inserts.