Surebonder Pro9700A 7/16" Diameter Glue Gun

Surebonder Pro9700A 7/16" Diameter Glue Gun
Item# SBTPRO9700A

Product Description

Surebonder Pro9700A 300watt Adjustable Temperature Heavy Duty 7/16" thru 1/2" Diameter Glue Gun PRO9700A Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun ( Industrial Glue Gun )

Industrial high temperature glue gun delivers 10 pounds of glue per hour with 300 watts of heating power. Solid state PTC(positive temp. control) heaters. Adjustable thermostat temperature control for high (400F.) output and low (220F.) temperature bonding. Ergonomic design long trigger for less effort. Lighted on and off switch. Double insulated ground cord. Specialty nozzles available.


Surebonder 7/16" Diameter x 10" Glue Sticks
Surebonder 7/16" Diameter Glue Sticks, 10" and 15" Length